Contents: May Intrigue

Contents: May Intrigue For some, the TOC is a blip on the way to the glories of the feature well, but for a few of us, they're the most fun to really dig into. Heck, books have been made, just for the glory of the TOC pages. Smashing Magazine compiled a list of some beautiful examples, aside from the Canadian Hockey Atlas here at the top:
I just love the TOC from this book on grammatical errors

Grammatical errors TOC.jpg

and this Peterson's Guide from 1934 looks like something they'd frame and hang religiously at Freeman's.


But they only have ONE representative magazine TOC! (Shout out to Kristina DiMatteo, at Print, for that.)
I'm offended.
Leave some great magazine TOCs in the comments, and I'm sending them to Smashing Magazine for an update.

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