Mixed Media

Mixed Media

As Art Director of W and in my pursuit to side with the wondrous world of art collecting, I've been keeping note of some stimulating work currently being produced by young artists. One abstract creator I've had my eye on is Carlyle Stewart, whom I met while attending an art auction benefit last May. His mediums vary from collage paintings and photo montages, to Linear and Tonal drawings.

In his latest series based on the Seinfeld show, he's been using the tv/flatscreen/dvd as his model where he plays the episodes one after another while he continually paints. The end product is a fascinating complexity of human form.

CS Seinfeld_Locker_Room_IMG_00.jpg

A lot of his studies deal with America today, identity and the media. Carlyle explains his style as "Faking, copying, appropriating and simulating one thing for another, my work is a meditation on the malleable nature of what constitutes authenticity in today's society. Using discarded magazines and other ephemeral, I create a visual vocabulary familiar enough to draw the viewer into the work. Yet, in the ways I combine the material, the works are disconcerting enough so that the viewer finds himself questioning that familiarity itself."

His new drawings are collages from popular artists such as Warhol, Davinci and Disney where he mimics the artists' line. A ravishing multiform rendering in the end, it's hard to tell who's line is which.

CS Warhol_Male_Model_IMG_0102.jpg

His work has recently been included in respected private and corporate collections in the USA, Europe, West Korea, Japan and China.

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