Welcome to the New SPD.org: A Note from Your President

As visual journalists, we spend just about every waking moment of our lives making sure the magazines and websites we work for look great. Day in, day out, tending our very own little gardens--which is why it struck those of us on the SPD Board as particularly ironic that the old SPD site looked like it hadn't been touched since spring 1997. 

So last year we set out to remake our online home, to pull some weeds and replant, if you'll forgive the extension of this tired metaphor. 

Needless to say, it's been quite an undertaking, and we're not quite through yet. We're currently polishing up a few more Web 2.0 bells and whistles, but what you're looking at today is a quantum leap forward for the Society. I know that before I joined the board, I only visited the site about once a month, if that. But I hope this becomes a site you'll want to visit on a daily basis, whether you're looking for the latest in magazine design trends or news, searching for a job, or just trying to break through an afternoon of designer's block.

Please don't hesitate to email me personally with feedback--complaints or otherwise--at mail@spd.org. We're aiming to have the fully functional site up by Labor Day, so stay tuned. 

Scott Dadich
President, SPD 
  • Jonathan Hoefler

    Everything looks FANTASTIC, Scott. Thanks for inviting me to contribute the new logo & the new fonts, too!

  • Keema

    I must admit, this site is feeling very WIRED, but I'm in love with it.

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