Avedon & BRIDES

Avedon & BRIDES In preparation for BRIDES' big birthday in January (a girl never tells her age!), my photo team and I have been muddling through decades of archived issues, starting in the 1930's. So, in the next few weeks, for your viewing pleasure, I will be posting a blog about BRIDES covers through the decades, some are just ASTOUNDING, others--umm, less so. (thank you, 1970's).

Even though this cover was shot for the Spring 1950 issue, it still holds up today as a strong graphic image that could be seen on the newsstand now (well, maybe minus the bonnet!). But you can see here Avedon's signature lighting and his strong attention to the model's positioning to create a beautiful graphic juxstaposition--every detail so subtle, down to the the placement of her left hand on the bouquet. 

And, oh, to have a cover with no cover lines.... a girl can dream...

Stay tuned for more BRIDES covers through the decades.
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