Destination: DestinAsian

Destination: DestinAsian I was first introduced to DestinAsian magazine about four years ago, when I was with a  photographer friend in Bali, and we had dinner with the editor-in-chief, Christopher Hill. Based in Jakarta, the Asian luxury travel and lifestyle magazine is quite hard to find in the States unless you go to a really on-top-of-it international magazine store, but it is all the rage in big cities across Asia, and well-represented in the SPD design annual.

Designed in Canada by the uber-talented Mr. Tom Brown, DestinAsian is a typographical feast and the photography is not only top-notch, but the way Mr. Brown edits and presents the artwork is so unexpected and visually stellar.  Brown also brands the magazine by using a simple color palette and different fonts or handmade/manipulated letters or objects in the feature well in every issue, so each one is so exciting to open and explore. Look for it on the newsstand or check out Tom Brown's site, and let me know what you think.
  • Glen Karpowich

    Tom Brown is one of the most talented designer/art directors I have met. His use of typography and images never ceases to amaze me. He inspires me to be a better designer anytime I look at his work.

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