Have you seen Monocle?

Have you seen Monocle?

Produced out of the UK by Tyler Brule of Wallpaper* fame, Monocle is a magazine aimed at the world traveler. Covering global affairs, business, culture and of course design it was recently mention to be one of the 30 most notable launches of the year. It has garnered attention for its use of matte paper and smaller trim size inside a luxury magazine.

The cover does not scream to try and grab your attention. But rather does so with quiet sophistication. Each cover is structured the same, with real estate carved out in advance for a roofline, main coverline, and teasers for each section inside.

Sections inside the magazine are clearly defined by letters. "A" is affairs, "B" is for business, "C" covers culture, "D" is for design, and so on. Within each section there is a nice mix of short and longer articles. You can easily skim through and pick out the items that appeal to you.

The format and design is simple and straight forward. It uses a limited color palette which helps to create a feeling of sophistication. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just clean typography, beautiful photographs and handsome illustrations all designed within a structured grid. To really appreciate this magazine you need to spend some time with it and digest all of the details that make up the whole.

At $10 an issue it's a little pricey but well worth the money. There is no discount for a subscription, as a matter of fact you pay more for one, but you do gain acccess to the website (monocle.com), another design beauty.





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