In Search of the Perfect Notebook

In Search of the Perfect Notebook

As designers, we're extra-fussy about the little things that others just don't take the time to savor. I spend way too much time pecking away at endless e-mails, so when I do get to put pen to paper, I've become surprisingly particular about exactly what paper that is. I thought I'd found the perfect notebook in the Oh Boy line, with its heavy, lovely-patterned bookboard covers and thick, lined pages, but felt guilty about spending $10 every time around (I mean, it's a notebook). I figured since I don't spend that much time writing on real live paper anymore, I deserved something special.

I soon discovered Moleskine notebooks and stocked up, deciding that their pocket-sized cahiers would be my little idea books (No lines! Plain brown covers! That little pocket in back!). While the Oh Boys (I particularly like the "housecoat" cover) are my work friend, but the Moleskines became my NBFs, as the kids say, for everything else.


I've recently been wooed by Muji, though, after a visit to their new location in the new NYT building (so close to work!), and have slowly moved my tiny Moleskines to the back of the drawer. I'm fickle that way.

How do I love these Muji notebooks? Let me count the ways. They're cheap, plain and made of 70% recycled paper--and have I mentioned they're CHEAP? $3 for a pack of five tasty little treats, each with different colored spines. They don't have the nice chewy, rugged stock of my Oh Boys, but there are now several of these strewn on my desk and in my bike bag, each labeled for its own special purpose. All this organizing goodness and environmentally-friendly, to boot.
  • Ronn Campisi

    I have been addicted to these Muji notebooks for about a year... I have piles of them at home, more in my office, more in my storage cabinet, and still more in my laptop case. Not only do I love how they look, but how they feel. The covers are the perfect weight and the inside pages are so nice and smooth! I especially love writing on them with a soft pencil. The lead glides across the pages with just the right amount of resistance. Mmmm!

  • frogers

    I too am quite taken with Muji and all of there simple goods. I went in there for the first time about a month ago and was saying to myself the whole time, "I need this, and this... and this, and this and this...... and this... and this." I picked up some of the notebooks too and they are really great. I have to admit that I fantasize about filling a notebook up and every spread will be this beautiful hand-made masterpiece.. then people will want to buy it. HA! That is the lure of notebooks for me.. I have yet to see that happen though.

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