The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board Folks, as you may have already heard, I've finally found my partner in crime (Judith Pucket-Rinella - Senior Photo Editor, T) to co-host this year's 44th annual competition with yours truly. So it's about that time on our SPD calendar where we'll be joining forces to brainstorm the genius idea/root/theme that will package the quick approaching 44's festivities.

Despite the agony of having to top Scott Dadich and Dirk Barnett's amazing, (and I mean AMAZING) leadership and teamwork during this past Pub 43 as well as the great competitions in the past, our  wheels are turnin', and our feeling's burnin'.

Stay tuned for some sneak peek updates...

  • chopchop

    Two words: chainsaw juggling.

    I know you have the skills.

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