Panorama Project 3

Panorama Project 3

Saturday night was the opening of  The Panorama Project at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery (curated by Jordan Islip and Rodger Stevens) where 134 artists created 5x7 panels that shared a horizon line.  The weather that night was stormy, but the gallery was still packed. People who had arrived by subway were dripping wet (myself included) and there were piles of umbrellas by the elevators. A few who'd clearly come door to door in car services were looking impeccably artsy and fabulously dry.

The paintings were lined up around the wall of the room without labels. At first I was aggravated that the names of the artists are only located on a central pole in the room, but after a bit it became a bit of a game to choose one or two you like, remember the numbers and run back to the pole to find who created it.

It's amazing to see what people can do with 5x 7 inches. Some were built in 3-d with polymer clay. There were great combinations of materials, some carved and some with glued spacemen. One oil painting, despite its size, made you feel like you were staring at a huge canvas at the Met. There's even a cross-stitch joy stick.

One favorite, Chad Dziewior's "Deluxe" has vintage car lettering on metals with bullet like drilled holes. It's gorgeously textured.  We laughed when we noticed that it's priced at $666.

Ron Nemec's peach teddy bear stomping on cities like a Care Bear-gone-Godzilla got a lot of reaction. 

Emily Eibel carefully appliquéd two boys camping complete with moths and a flashlight's glow; the stitching of the figures is flawless.

Some of the people you might know with work in the show are Martha Rich, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Todd and Christian Northeast.

I preferred the works that actually had a strong horizon line, it helped hold the entire installation together. When several pieces that had blurred horizon lines were in a row it was hard to find the connection. But when six or seven of ten had distinct horizons, it was amazing to see each individual world connect to its neighbors.

The Panorama Project is up through October 4th at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

- Dena Verdesca, Associate Art Director, Best Life Magazine

  • Mike Ley

    This show was great - definitely recommended. LeVine usually throws some good shows.

  • Emily Smith

    If you could purchase from the gallery online, I would have already taken the "Would I?" piece out of all your hands already! Dangit.

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