PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Khoi Vinh?

PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Khoi Vinh?

Some would argue that no medium will be affected more by the internet than newspapers.
We've tracked down the man responsible for bringing one of the largest newspapers in the world online.

Khoi Vinh is the Design Director for, where he leads the design group in user experience innovation. He and his team are responsible for the creative design of new online features, functionality and content for the industry-leading news site.

His thoughtful advocacy of effective, forward-thinking design has led to wide industry recognition, including a seat on the board of directors of AIGA The Professional Association for Design, contributions to many books, and a host of speaking engagements. Since 2000, Khoi has also been the author of, a forum for his extensive writings on design, technology and user experience matters.

Prior to joining the New York Times, Khoi was a founding partner at the ground-breaking New York City design studio Behavior LLC. He has an extensive history in consultative design services for clients in a wide range of industries, and he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications Design from Otis School of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California.

Tuesday, October 7th, Khoi will be a panelist on SPD's next event at FIT  Paper To Pixels.
We recently got Khoi to answer a question for us....we couldn't wait until the 7th:

BK: What would you say readers get from the printed New York Times that they don't get from the website? In other words, why do we need the paper version?
KV: Where do I start? It's satisfyingly tactile; it's extremely portable; it's highly, enjoyably serendipitous; and it presents an invaluable view of the world that is absolutely unique to any other news presentation in every other medium -- modesty aside, is a first class online news experience, but even reading the same news printed in the daily edition offers an important and worthwhile context that one would otherwise miss.

Maybe the most compelling reason, though, is its daily fixity: in this digital age, it still matters very much what gets printed in ink on paper. As just one example, take a look at the advocacy advertising that's appeared in the printed New York Times during the recent financial turmoil; banks are trying to reassure investors and the public, interest groups are trying to advocate specific plans of action, and people are trying to influence the discussion. This kind of advertising still happens almost entirely in print; very little of it makes it online. When companies, groups and individuals need to make a statement, they know that there are few more resonant amplifiers than the paper of record. The printed paper of record.
If you have a question for Khoi, leave it in the comments below and he will answer it at the event or right here on



Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, F.I.T.
27th Street & Seventh Avenue, NYC

7:00 - 8:30 PM; doors open at 6:30

SPD Members, $10 in advance ($15 CASH ONLY at the door)
Non-members, $15 in advance ($20 CASH ONLY at the door)
Students & faculty with valid ID: $5

Please call SPD at 212 223 3332 by 5pm on Friday, October 3rd for advance tickets; after Friday the 3rd, tickets can only be purchased at the door the evening of the event and will be $5 higher, CASH ONLY.

RSVP early! All tickets, and seating, are first come, first served.

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