Relax Your Mind and Let Your Conscience Be Free

Relax Your Mind and Let Your Conscience Be Free

Indulge me for a moment...

VIBE magazine had it's 15th anniversary this year, with a blow-out NYC party in August, and I got all nostalgic. I didn't attend, mind you, as fate would have it, I live in San Francisco now (go figure), working with one of the best art departments in the business at 520 3rd St. (Wired). When I heard that VIBE had hit the big 1-5, and that they were throwing an anniversary bash, it made me think of the scattered 5 years or so I spent at 215 Lexington Ave., working with the equally great art department at VIBE.

After a dig through the digital crate of my iPhoto library, I stumbled upon this old pic of one of the great many iterations of that VIBE art department and thought I'd share. This photo is circa 1998 (another anniversary of sorts and a 'where are they now', if you will):


Left to right:
Brandon Kavulla, Art Director, Best Life
Leslie Dela Vega, Associate Picture Editor, Time
Robert Newman, Principle, Robert Newman Design
Me (in my knit-hat-in-the-office phase), Design Director, Wired
Ronda Thompson, Freelance Designer
George Pitts, Photography Director, Latina and Photography Dept. Chair, Parsons School of Design

Anyway, Happy 15th VIBE, and well wishes to that dirty half dozen of an art department.


  • Heather Jones

    This is fantastic Wyatt, and happy 15th Vibe!

    I think along with Musical Chairs maybe we should have an archive or a big "Where Are They Now" infomap of where people have moved around in publishing over the years. I've got some good ones in the photo vault too;) Oh and nice locks BK. /// HJ

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