Olafur & Fish Tacos

Olafur & Fish Tacos While Labor Day may have passed and your white bucks are ready for winter storage, summer doesn't technically end until September 21st. So there is still time enjoy great weather outside with your best pals and an adult beverage. If you are looking for a nice and fun new place to go, I have a great suggestion:

If you haven't checked it out already, the "Pop-up Park" at Pier One at Brooklyn Bridge Park is a complete and total delight. Not only does it offer the best views of the Lower Manhattan skyline, it has a bar that serves food and cocktails. The food is catered by local favorite Rice, though its a different menu of fish tacos, hot dogs, burritos and other easy to deal with finger food.

After a long day of staring at a computer monitor there isn't a better place to go to watch the sun set and have a beer with some friends. Plus, you can see all 4 of Olafur Eliasson's waterfalls! See you there...
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