Photos from the CITY

Photos from the CITY

It's been some time since SPD requested mounted boards as part of the Annual submissions package, but views of the new book out from CITY magazine, "CITY: A Photography Retrospective, Vol. 1" brought some nostalgia for the days when we did, giving those of us in the office the opportunity to spend real quality time with each year's winning work, lovingly presented at their best, and we could position it about the office, agog in the design, typography and photography on display, no ads, no blow-in cards, just full, goregous spreads.

The CITY book gives you the same, presenting their greatest photography since the magazine launched almost 10 years ago, most introduced with a great behind-the-scenes blurb from former CITY Creative Director (now Editor-at-large) Fabrice Frere describing the shoot, or the concept, or how success grew out of multiple failed attempts. A huge plus, the book's website has a wonderful press preview section where you can view the entire book, page by page. Some samples...

CITY_1_white heat.png
CITY_2_from the sea.png
CITY_3_girlie pens.png
CITY_4_paper cuts blurb.png
CITY_5_paper cuts.png

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