(Not So Rubber-) Necking

(Not So Rubber-) Necking

Despite prolonging an already long drive, one of my absolute favorite things to do on a road trip is to stop along the way for anything that catches my attention (i.e. farmer's markets, yard sales, unique shops.) 

Last month, during a drive back from upstate along route 28, I noticed what at first appeared to look like a really groovy gas station from the signage (shown to the left,) actually turned out to be a showroom for furniture and sculpture called SERV CE STATION. Yes, the misspelling is indeed correct.

Rural 1.jpgIt's parenting company called Rural American Design, was founded by Jonah Meyer (designer and artist) and Tara De Lisio. After taking a peek at the showroom itself (which also displays their artwork) it was great to see how they carried a distinct aesthetic across their brand and craftsmanship that certainly inspired me. You can check out more about their studio and view samples of their work at www.servcestation.com

Rural 3.jpg

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