The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush Legendary San Francisco designer Louis Friend once wrote, "Mistakes only happen once... Do it twice and you've created a great golden look!" In that spirit, we're happy to announce the first of many upcoming events to be held in the western territories. To kickoff the SPD West event series, San Francisco will host a night of social networking (nicely timed with the ASME American Magazine Conference).

Please join us:
Sunday, October 5, 7-10 pm
DaDa SF Studio 86 Second Street, San Francisco
Located near the Market/Montgomery Bart Station

Featuring a hosted bar from 7-8 pm

See you there!

  • Emily Smith

    Thank you guys all so much for coming out for this! It was a great night...

  • Brandon Kavulla

    Really wish i could be there!

    Everyone attending is obligated to have a drink for me.

    Have a great time guys.

  • Christy Sheppard

    Woot! Wouldn't miss it!

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