Words as Art

Words as Art

Oh the insanity! Custom typography?

Have you noticed that more and more magazines are using custom typography? If you are like me, whenever you come across one it's like finding a $5 bill in your pocket. Every time I open up a magazine and see some custom type I eat it up. These little works of art are scrumptuous. Also, if you are like me you look at the credit to see who did the work. And if you are really like me you read the name or at least sound it out and try to figure out where they found this guy or girl.

Well here is one place to find some great talent.

Behance.net. This website has everything from fine arts to package design to photography. But the real draw for me is the typography. The site allows you to click on whatever discipline you want to see more of then will literally bring up hundreds of samples from different artists from all over the world. The really great part of this is that if you click on someones name it gives you a mini portfolio of their work but will also give you their website. This is where you can really see the work they have done or are doing. And for the most part you are able to get in contact with them. Unlike some other sites that are all visual but don't actually link to any real useful information.

It's worth some time to check it out. Enjoy!

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