Feeling Presidential?

Feeling Presidential?

Anxious about the current state of things? Want to get involved? Be a part of the solution? You can be the solution...

When I arrived home last night, my wife called me over to her computer and showed me my 6 year old son Scott's Presidential Campaign footage. I guess I've been staying at my studio a bit too long lately.

With this video clip being circulated on the web for free, you can insert your name or the name of a friend (or relative), and create your own instant grass roots movement. I especially like the touch at the end of the video. (Ina probably will, too. -- Ed.)

All in all, throwing Scott's hat (or perhaps a man of infinite wisdom like our dear Milton) into the race has its definite merits, but I think I'll still tune-in to tonight's debate. I want to be prepared for Saturday Night Live!
  • Heather Jones

    This is pretty funny, not sure if lower back tattoos will be the rage but I'm sure the online election process will be bigger and better in 2012 !

    My teeth are clinched too for tonight...if anyone in NY wants to gather I'm getting some together, can't watch this alone.../// HJ

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