LOUPED IN: Behind the Music with BLENDER's David Carthas

LOUPED IN: Behind the Music with BLENDER's David Carthas

David Carthas, Photography Director of Blender Magazine, is an avid collector or tintypes, ambrotypes, and glass negatives and is not too happy with Polaroid discontinuing their SX70 film.

I asked David what the best part of working for a music magazine was, who his favorite subjects have been, and what he's listening to...

"Music has always been a part of my life. So, it's amazing to have the opportunity to work with people who create it.  Many have probably heard a statement about music like this before, but I love that music seems to reach out to more people than most art forms,...whether it's a song that brings back a memory or spurs an emotion. Most people have a favorite song, musician, band that they like or somehow relate to.  I hope to bring that emotion across in our work at Blender and have fun with the subjects we are shooting.

My favorite subjects always seem to be someone with a long history. Mick Jagger is one. Another is Clint Eastwood.  And so far at Blender, my favorite story came back from our shoot with Chrissie Hynde. Ridiculously great...Rock n' Roll at its best.

Right now, I'm listening to The National's 'Boxer'. Great album.  
I also stepped back into Miles Davis. His music always blows my mind."
If you have questions for David, leave it in the comments box below or join us at LOUPED IN, The Photography Editor speaker series.

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  • Richard Turley

    the boxer is a great album. i listened to it quite a bit when it was first out, then last week on train late at night it came on by surprise, and i couldnt believe how great it was, the last 5 tracks especially. A really incredible album.

    feel the same about the TV on the radio album too.

    and bon iver

    and the fleet foxes

    and bb radish

    and okkervil river

    and port o'brien

    and red house painters




    you know, the SPD site should have a music section. i dont trust a graphic designer who doesnt love music.

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