Process: Christopher Silas Neal

Process: Christopher Silas Neal While searching for illustrators to recommend for a magazine redesign project we're working on at my studio, I recently visited Christopher Silas Neal's web site ( Chris' work is very painterly and evocative with a mixture of image, symbols, and type.

Chris has a blog on his site called "Process," where he takes you through everything from his interaction with various art directors and their staff, his series of sketches to find the right solution, and the research of old illustrations and photographs he's found for inspiration. He also talks about incorporating type into his artwork.


It's really fun to see how people approach a problem, where they go to for reference, what sort of feedback they're getting, what obstacles arise, and how a rough idea finally shapes up into a finished piece.


I think Chris is doing great work. Despite using classical references, his work feels very fresh and modern, and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So if you've got a few minutes and would like to recharge your batteries, I'd suggest spending a few moments in Chris Silas Neal's head.

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