RIP: Radar, Again -- and 02138?!?

RIP: Radar, Again -- and 02138?!?

We shouldn't be surprised (we shouldn't, right?) but we kinda believed the "we are open forever" bit: news from the Observer that recently redesigned Radar is closing, again, and will revamp, again, to position itself as a website. Again. Staffers were notified this morning, and are to have desks cleared-out by the end of the day.

And then, to make this gray Friday a little bleaker, word that also recently-revamped 02138 is shuttering as well. Daily Intel has the full report.

To-do for the weekend: buy some friends some drinks...


  • Richard Turley

    so sorry for all those who have lost jobs. hope everything works out for you all. if its any comfort, a magazine i was a/d for closed around 6 or 7 years ago, i had just got married, everything was pretty bleak. but you know, looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened. I changed direction, discovered a determination within myself that hasnt left me, and things worked out better than they ever would have done, if i hadnt been through all that.

    anyway.. best of luck, to those and all who loose their jobs in this market. I dont think these will be the last magazines to go

  • Shane Luitjens

    About 02138, this totally breaks my heart. Coming from the custom publishing sector - it is sad because I found 02138 an unusual spin on a bit of a bored avenue in the custom world. The magazine was smart and well put together. I was excited to see Manhattan Media take it on (this was a recent acquisition, no?). Certainly, the custom sector is feeling the pinch as well as mainstream media these days. However, with a stronger distribution model, I expect many custom pubs to weather the downturn in some form or another. (fingers crossed for everyone).

    As for Radar - one has to wonder if this mag will pick itself back up, but third strike and all, no? I admit to skipping the snarky stuff at the front and really getting into content that exposed fascinating nooks and crannies in the mainstream consciousness from the structure of the paparazzi to has-been-rocker cruises that end in a ship full of naked people. I appreciated the vigor and attitude in a frequently staid market.

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