Robert Pollard's Album Art

Robert Pollard's Album Art

I love records, not just because they're more fun to play, but because they feel good in the hand and you can see the album art better.  Who hasn't bought a record based on cover art alone?    

I was reminded of this last night when seeing Robert Pollard play at the Highline Ballroom where his LPs were for sale at the merch table.  Pollard's collages have graced almost every Guided By Voices album, as well as his solo records.  They are part Dada, part Surrealism, and part pure Pollard.  His collages are much like his lyrics; personal, emotional, searching for meaning, and exploding with life.  Here are some of them as collected in a new book called Town of Mirrors: the reassembled imagery, with an intro by Rick Moody.  Hope you enjoy.

The Business of Souls.jpg

The Business of Souls




Brought To You by Real Nice Scientist


The Small Faces Mag Earwhig


You Were Saying?


What So Ever is Your Trip, Totally


GBV:  Tigerbomb
  • Mike Ley

    This work is great! Not being into his music or Guided By Voices I haven't seen it before. Thanks for the post.

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