"The Negatives Are a Joy to Print"

With less than three weeks until the SPD Photo Auction everything is in full gear: pictures are being framed, invitations are about to go out, the online and printed catalogs are being designed, the wine is being chilled and you should be planning what to wear. We have over 100 beautiful  framed photographs which would be the envy of Sotheby's and Christie's. And much better prices. Put your investment in something that can't disappear... something you can enjoy and still know you're making a great investment.

I spoke to Kurt Markus last night about his luscious photo (above) that he so generously donated... his words are as beautiful as the image:
I've been attracted to photographs of sand dunes ever since I saw the work of Edward and Brett Weston, many years ago. I was drawn to the abstract quality of the images, and the deep, black shadows that dominated many of the photographs.
Over the decades I've had opportunities to make photographs of sand dunes myself, sometimes as trips I've organized specifically for that purpose, sometimes as extensions of assignments that put me near large tracts of dunes. The most important of those adventures have been in Africa, where I was able to completely dedicate myself to making images in the vast, mostly untracked fields of dunes in Namibia. The last two trips (in 2002 and 2008) I made alone, wishing to absorb the wonderful silence that the dunes offer.  The landscape is like no other I've ever experienced. Light completely transforms the sensuous forms and shapes of the dunes, moment-to-moment. There are no tricks to the pictures, just pure, straight, picture-making. And let me tell you, the negatives are a joy to print.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on November 19th.....
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