Two BBC Video Shorts on the 'Paperless Paper'

Two BBC Video Shorts on the 'Paperless Paper'

The BBC has posted a short video interview with Dean Baker, manager at Plastic Logic. They're the maker of a super-thin electronic reader due out early next year. The video gives you a good sense of how the (still unnamed) product will look and operate.

A related video on BBC's site, with some overlapping material, reports on the factory in Germany that has begun production of it. It's mildly entertaining with some smirk-worthy pros and cons of our current low-tech paper tabloid.

In September, the NYTimes covered the introduction of Plastic Logic's product in "New E-Newspaper Reader Echoes Look of the Paper". The article also mentions Sony's e-reader and's Kindle.

And, here's another electronic reader I recently came across called the Iliad by iRex Technologies which makes 3 different e-Readers that compare to Sony's and Amazon's products.

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