It's fantastic to see the efforts that have shaped typography into what's determined some of our current design direction today. A great example is this rad vintage design annual I found laying on W's Art Intern (Krzysztof Piatkowski's) desk called Typographic Directions - Trends in Visual Advertising, Designed by Herb Lubalin.

It traces the development of advertising typography from the Bauhaus period to what was then the present (1964,) where Lubalin had taken the opportunity to design it's book cover and premium pages to mimic a proof reader's copy.
It's a nice break to flip through a book printed only in black so we designers get to appreciate the beauty of (rarely seen today) one color design. Nice find Krzysztof! Take a look below...

type nk 2.JPG
type nk 3.JPG

type nk 7.JPGtype nk 6.JPG

type nk 4.JPG

  • Laura Konrad

    my favorite thing about this are the stamps on pic 2...

  • Krzysztof Piatkowski

    I was extremely exited when I found it. I'm glad you shared some images with us, it's definitely great Type-spiration.

  • Tom O&aposQuinn

    Thanks for posting such large images... this is really cool.

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