Jeg er hjemme!

Jeg er hjemme!

In Danish, that translates to "I'm back home!"
I just returned from a fascinating visit to Denmark and Norway where i was asked to speak at a design conference along with our very own SPD President Scott Dadich, Eva Spring of Real Simple, Anton Ioukhnovets of GQ and David Curcurito of Esquire and of course many good times were had. Although this was the sole purpose of the trip (and due to my infatuation with Danish design aesthetic,) I couldn't help 

scoping out these two great shops (one representing new Danish design and the other old) I stumbled upon while strolling along the side streets of Copenhagen's off-the-beaten-track neighborhood, Norrebro:

The New
This groovy little design chotchkies shop was appealing from the moment I noticed its entry way. The door itself is forty years old and the owner decided to preserve that along with the hand painted mural on its ceiling.

Mayol front.jpg

MAYOL door.jpg

Mayol interior.jpg

The Old
You know that awesome feeling you get when you come across an amazing bargain for a  mid-century Danish lamp while perusing a random garage sale in the middle of Jersey? Well, imagine that tenfold. I walked into an antique store that had nothing but that. 
This bizarre shop was filled floor to ceiling with everything from dangling lamps, books and keys, to signage, cigar boxes and tea pots dating back years.

antique shop copen.jpg

I had to control myself from buying too much because not only did I have to worry about the euro adapter situation for the lamps, but I also didn't have the energy to deal with carrying it back to the states. Alternatively (and in lieu of the typical denmark souvenir,) I opted to purchase this far-out vintage motorcycle plate:

vintage bike plate.jpg

Hot Kotyr - Norrebrogade 76, Copenhagen.

Fortsat god dag. (Have a nice day.)

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