LOUPED IN: Choosing the Next President ('s picture)

LOUPED IN: Choosing the Next President ('s picture)

The morning after the election and the New York Times is sold out city wide.  Crowds line up outside the Times building to purchase additional post-election printings.  Copies sell for as much as $400 on ebay.  But how does one go about choosing the picture for the most historic election in US history?

Michele McNally, New York Times photography director, shares the process...

(The New York Times, Early Edition)

"Around four o'clock we picked a picture from one of our photographers who was traveling with Obama.  It was him alone with a white background.  We closed that page for early edition, but we were able to call it pretty soon so we post-scripted that edition  - basically getting most people the late edition. The important thing to remember on a newspaper is that you sometimes have to move a picture within minutes and even seconds.  Doug Mills was on the riser and tethered.  He sent his first pictures around 12:02 - and the picture we used came in at 12:04 and it was sent to production by 12:08, Damon Winter sent his portrait which was a strong contender, we sent both to production and printed those pages out on newsprint.  The new first family won out - it had more emotional appeal.

Everyone who passed through the newsroom was attracted to the family.  Color was sweet too.  Deadline was tight and we really only had minutes... but it looks great today."
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