PUB 44 CAPTAINS and JUDGES Announced

PUB 44 CAPTAINS and JUDGES Announced The Pub 44  BEST IN SHOW POSTERS were mailed out this week, so it's time to finally unleash our feisty list of captains and judges that will bark over all your tearsheets this coming January.

Nathalie Kirsheh, AD, W
Judith Puckett-Rinella, Senior PE, T

MOY Chair
Bruce Ramsay, Director of Covers, Newsweek

Online Chair
Jeremy LaCroix, / CBS Interactive

Captains & Judges after the jump...

Florian Bachleda, Principal, FB Design
Debra Bishop, CD, More
Brandon Kavulla, AD, Best Life
Ken DeLago, DD, Golf Digest
Geraldine Hessler, DD, Glamour
Edward Leida, Group DD, W
Wyatt Mitchell, DD, WIRED
Robert Newman, The Man at Robert Newman Design
Robert Perino, DD, Fortune
Ina Saltz, Principal, Saltz Design

Richard Baker, Principal, Richard Baker Design
Matthew Bates, DD, Backpacker
April Bell, Associate AD, Money
Gail Bichler, AD, NYT Magazine
Phil Bicker, CD, The Fader
Cass Bird, Photographer
Kyle Blue, DD, Dwell
Niels Bøje Ziegler, Educator/Edit Designer, Danish School of Media and Journalism
Shawn Brydges, Agent
Stella Bugbee, DD, Domino
Scott Buschkuhl, CD, Hinterland
David Carthas, PD, Blender
Daniel Chen, CD, Child
Pascal Dangin, Founder, Box
Jeff Docherty, Art Director
Lisa Elin, PD, Men's Fitness
Andrew Essex, CEO, Droga5
Sylvia Farago, Photo Director
Christopher Griffith, Photographer
Scott Hall, PE, T
Darrick Harris, PE, Cookie
Luke Hayman, Partner, Pentagram
Steven Hoffman, CD, Sports Illustrated
Vanessa Holden, Editor, Martha Stewart Weddings
Bill Hunt, Principal, Hastead Hunt Gallery
Joseph Hutchinson, AD, Rolling Stone
Anton Ioukhnovets, AD, GQ
Neil Jamieson, AD, Field & Stream
Hubert Jocham, Typographer
Andre Jointe, AD, Details
Kory Kennedy, DD, Runner's World
Kate Larkworthy, Principal, Kate Larkworthy Artist Representation
Dragos Lemnei, Art Director
Tim Leong, DD, Complex
Jeremy Leslie, Founder/Editor,
Kathleen McGowan, AD, Barneys
Raymond Meier, Photographer
Chris Mueller, Deputy AD, Vanity Fair
Catriona Ni Aolain, PD, ESPN, The Magazine
Tom O'Quinn, Deputy AD, Bon Appétit
Michelle Outland, DD, Nylon
Krista Prestek, PE, GQ
Emma Reeves, PD, Tar
Bernard Scharf, CD, Departures
Amy Steigbigel, PD, Getty NY Stills Creative Imagery Division
Gary Stewart, DD, Tennis
Jo-ey Tang, PD, Out
Blake Taylor, CD, Inc.
Lisa Vosper, Deputy PE, Hallmark
Jan Wilker, Partner, Karlsswilker, Inc.

Captains Emeritus
Dirk Barnett, CD, Blender
Scott Dadich, CD, WIRED

Competition Captain
Nancy Stamatopoulos, AD, Supermarket News

Stay tuned to this blog for the call for entries!
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