Recession Special

Recession Special

We're all in need of some help these days.
Jobs, and magazines, are disappearing, and it's time to get serious about redefining what magazine people do. We'll all be better off if we're the ones in charge of our own destinies, and we're ready to get serious about it.

We've gotten a lot of questions at SPD HR about, as one of our favorite people wrote, "what to do when your magazine goes up in flames" -- and we're on it. We're collecting answers, we're finding people who know far better than us, and we're compiling resources & advice we plan to start posting next week.

But we want to know: what do YOU need right now? No question is too big or small, and no idea will be too crazy. Let us know in the comments, or shoot an e-mail to

(And remember: if your contact info is changing, please let us know! We don't want to lose you, and we're pretty sure, if you're a member, you want your copy of the book...)

(Image above is a reproduction of the poster created in 1939 by the British Ministry of Information. Keeping everyone together through good, clean design, as usual.)
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