Dianas and Holgas and Lomos, oh my!

Dianas and Holgas and Lomos, oh my!

Hi all, if you're a shooter, printer or collector like me...tonight in NY begins an exciting move from the crazy Austrian kids at Lomography. I visited their canyons of images in their Dumbo loft a few years back, as well as the downtown pop-up store over the holidays ...and glad to hear they will be here permanently. The store on 8th street has their grand opening tonight, with over 35,000 Lomographs, music, drinks and displaying all the deadstock Russian outfits, fisheyes, glow in the dark kits, and more. I tested the Horizon panoramic last year and its moving lens is super cool, and the Fuji underwater set is supposed to be top notch. More info on the jump. Shoot away!
Beginning mid-January and continuing through the beginning of February, three separate locations of MoMA Design Stores in NYC will feature impressive LomoWall installations with over 16,000 Lomographs. The images used to build the LomoWalls were assembled from two online photo rumbles that resulted in submissions from 28 countries around the world. While checking out these massive and breathtaking installations be sure to check out the latest array of Lomographic products available at the MoMA Design Stores, including the special edition MoMA DianaF+.

Locations •  MoMA Design and Book Store, 11 West 53 Street, NYC, Installation from January 6th through February 24th • MoMA Design Store, 44 West 53 Street, NYC, Installation from January 15th through February 2nd • MoMA Design Store, Soho, 81 Spring Street, NYC, Installation from January 13th through February 4th • See www.momastore.org for hours, location, and other additional information
  • Wilbert Gutierrez

    I missed the opening, but went to the store last night. It is amazing! They have all the toys you can wish for, specially the Libitel +, now shoots 35mm as well as 120, full frame.

    Thank you for the post.

  • Maublumen

    The opening will include a live performance by A Hawk and A Hacksaw which are a great and extremely talented musicians from Budapest!! It is a petty I can't be there because I live in Prague :)

    However sound delicious!

    Thanks to let us know!


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