NOW & THEN: Paula Scher for SPD@FIT

NOW & THEN: Paula Scher for SPD@FIT For our inaugural SPD@FIT event for 2009, we knew we needed something big enough to keep pace with the other big inaugural events of 2009. Join us on Tuesday, February 10th for an evening with Paula Scher, Partner at Pentagram, for an evening Paula describes in this way:

As a child of the sixties I was always rebellious. It came with the decade. I found that a form of rebelliousness is always present in my best work, and my work suffers when it is widely accepted and it becomes a part of the establishment.
This talk will show how I have rebelled against Helvetica, expectations of others, and mostly rebelled against myself.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, F.I.T.
27th Street & Seventh Avenue, NYC

7:00 - 8:30 PM, doors open at 6:30

SPD Members, $10 purchased in advance ($15 at the door, CASH ONLY)
Non-Members, $15 purchased in advance ($20 at the door, CASH ONLY)
Students & faculty with valid ID:  $5 (at least 50 will be held at the door, CASH ONLY)

Please call SPD at 212-223-3332 by noon on Friday, February 6th for advance tickets; after Friday the 6th, ADVANCE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. A small amount of tickets will be available for purchase at the door Tuesday evening, CASH ONLY.

RSVP early!  All tickets, and seating, are first come, first served.
  • Claibourn Hamilton

    Dear Paula,

    Thank you for re-introducing us (fellow designers) to yourself again. The night was a lovely threading of your life's work; work that has greatly influenced our streets, culture and thinking. A long way from those cookie cutter shapes from yesteryear.

    Thank you for challenging us to break barriers that may fall our way when influencing the creation of design solutions.


    Claibourn Hamilton

  • roe intrieri

    Paula Scher

    Cut to Fall 82, (hate to date you or me here, but the facts are the facts) it’s your first class teaching at SVA. For weeks you ripped our work to shreds, then for each of us in the class something clicked. One by one. We got it. Scale. Bodoni. Franklin. Retro. Humour.

    I have so many great memories of working for the Great Paula Scher. You hired Ann and I, then Drew. We worked on Living Anew magazine. It folded. You fired us. You hired us back. You said we are going to try really hard to make this little design shop succeed. And it did. Along came Jackie, Richard, Deb and Tony Bodoni. We got Gisselle to get naked in a bath tub. For fun we would call Haber Typographers, just to hear the Haber Lady, say “Hello Haber”. We drank boat loads of beer, Ann returned every bottle to get the 5 cents deposit back. You waxed your scarf more than once. We worked around the ashes on the mechanicals. We worked around the flood caused by the hookers hot tub, who worked above us on 27th street. We did meetings with Bruce and Stephen, we tried our best doing covers for Malcolm. We did work for the Olaa guys. We spected type at night, it was delivered in the AM with a croissant. We used enough chromatec solution to kill half our brain cells. We made a billion photostats. You made us laugh. We did great work.

    We all feared, respected and loved you. And still do.

    You will always inspire us.

    Roe Intrieri

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