The Last Domino

The Last Domino We hate it when the phone-tree is put into action this way, but the word spread yesterday like wildfire. Sad news again this week, this time for our friends at the Condé shelter title Domino; this coming March issue will be their last, and Friday, for most everyone, the final day in the office. Breaking with recent magazine-folding-tradition, even the website (and all our Deco Files! -- ES) will be going dark. In farewell, some of the recent work from the Domino team, including what will be the final cover of March 2009: Ines de la Fressange, photographed by Pascal Chevallier and designed by Stella Bugbee. A few more spreads after the jump...

This fashion spread from the November '08 issue, Photographer Melanie Acevedo, Designer, Stella Bugbee:

Miles Redd spread was featured in the December/January '09 issue; Photographer Paul Costello, Designer Alyson Cameron:


  • Victor Maze

    So many of my friends will be sorry to see Domino go. I love many shelter pubs, but editorially, these guys were doing what no one else is right now (to my knowledge). And the design was so unique. From the looks of the March cover and interior pages, it is plain to see that the staff went out with a bang. For people jonesing for more Domino, check out the book that came out last fall if you haven't already. It has the same great personality as the magazine.

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