Dog Gone Weekend

Dog Gone Weekend On behalf of SPD and the Pub 44 Co-Chairs (Judith Puckett-Rinella and yours truly), we'd like to thank ALL who took part in the three-day-long (yet very quick) judging last weekend. There was plenty of inspiration in the air from the more than 6,100 entries displayed, the captains, the judges, the volunteers, the pooches and the conversations that resulted.
Take a peek at a short film capturing some of these moments here and a gander at a few snapshots here.
Read more and check out the vid after the jump...

Winning results and finalists will be sent out with in the coming weeks, so keep a lookout in your mailboxes and stay tuned to for upcoming information regarding the Gala to be held in early May.
A special thank you to:
- W's designer, Laura Konrad, for contributing to the visual development of this year's "Best In Show" theme.
- Sheila Brody and her team from "The Spa," for providing their expert massage therapists.  Judges feeling a little tired and achy from the entire process were gladly welcomed by the massage experts on-site for some TLC.
- More magazine's Photo Director, Stacy Baker for photo-documenting the the weekend's cheers and jeers (stay tuned to this blog in a few days for those pics.) In the meantime, view more of my candid pics here.
- and last but certainly not least, a VERY special thanks to SPD's Executive Director, Emily Smith for organizing the entire event to run as smoothly as ever!

Picture 22.png

Picture 23.png
View more of my candid shots here.

SPD 44 Best In Show Judging from SPD Videos on Vimeo.
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