Up, Down and All Around

Up, Down and All Around

When I'm running out of the subway, walking to work, riding in a cab (which is quite often), I wish I could save a few images captured in my mind of all the various (and interesting/attractive/riveting/compelling) type I see around me and archive it for those special moments when the inspiration is needed.

As it turns out, Mandy Milks has done just that in her blog, Villatype where she has (what seems) so effortlessly done for herself.

She's wonderfully created a forum where we can view and discuss type and lettering found in the public domain. Kudos, Mandy!

  • Jana Meier

    Paul Shaw does great "urban lettering tours" for the Type Directors Club. He's wonderful and usually focuses on a different neighborhood each time: http://tdc.org/tdc/archives/225

    The next one is about subway lettering.

  • Claibourn Hamilton


    Thanks for introducing Mandy Milks photo inspirations. I love the gilded cast metal type and all the painted letter forms creeping from under the crevices and revealing yesteryear's New York. OMG I need to grab my camera and run outside!

    Dear Mandy, as seen on your blog mandymilks.com: ILLUSTRATION: I created these for the Souvenir Shop (hand stitched into wood veneer)...

    I love, love, love the these products!!! What a brilliant idea that evokes a strong hand craft element and memories of home. Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration.



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