Missbehave In one of our not-favorite trends, some new work from a magazine we might not be seeing more of in the future: Sally Thurer, Creative Director at Missbehave sends along their final cover before the magazine goes website-only, and a little backstory:
I wanted to submit the last cover of Missbehave (we suspended publication), featuring work from Jeremy Scott. He is amazing!

I've adored him since his 1997 Rich White Women collection which Björk wore for her Homogenic tour. He has a great sense of humor, and his collections themes like "Food Fight" (junk food) and "Tut TV." Recently, he has become known for his iconic prints. Missbehave has been featuring his designs since our very first issue, and we absolutely fell in love with his "Let Them Eat Gas" collection. Since Katy and Jeremy are friends, we thought they would be a perfect match for our cover. I was particularly drawn to the "Floral Flights" print on Katy's dress because it is partially inspired by Boy London -- a brand from the 80s/90s that I'm obsessed with. Jeremy was kind enough to send me the flowers from the dress to incorporate into the cover design.

NEW WORK is a new recurring feature. We'll welcome anything that's gone to the printer recently, something you're especially proud of and think might be inspiring to the membership and readers of Grids. We'll note the credits and the publication and shine a little light on the latest and greatest in publication design.

Please reduce your layouts to no larger than 1200 pixels wide and don't forget to include all relevant credits and a little background (if you feel like). Send your submissions to tips@spd.org and we'll post them as we get them.


  • sarah

    sally thurer is my hero

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