WIRED UK Hot on the heels of the new WIRED Italia comes the return of WIRED UK. Thanks to Andrew Diprose for the sneak peek at the May launch issue.
After meeting with [WIRED creative director] Scott Dadich and deciding it wasn't in the spirit of WIRED to create a carbon copy of the US edition, Gary Cadogan and I, (the Wired UK art department) set out to create a UK version of the fantastic product Scott's team are working on. A somewhat daunting task!

We really wanted to keep the groundbreaking ethos of the US, but look more of a sibling rather than a twin. We've adopted the US A4 format - smaller than most UK magazines I've worked on but a fantastic tactile new size to get to grips with. We've used a tweaked version of the grid and a few fonts from the US to keep that common ground, commissioning a couple of our own fonts too: Zorro, which Simon Griffin worked up from a classic future/retro Letraset font, and Wired RAW, which Hugo and the team at JULIA created for us, based on the shapes of characters already existing in the US edition.

It was a challenge, creating something right for this market from something we held in such high regard.

We've halfway though issue two now and it's already great to be moving things forward. I'm thoroughly enjoying Wired, working with new photographers, illustrators and such great subject matter. Here's to issue three!

Andrew Diprose
Art Director. WIRED UK

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  • egotrippin

    I totally agree with Claibourn Hamilton, it really looks cool, WIRED has a great artistic direction and these pages look very good...


    G. Belman

  • Grant Glas

    I agree with Claiborn - "love Wired magazine's artistic direction." ...The "What Next?" spread is badass.

  • Claibourn Hamilton

    Love, Love, Love Wired magazine and the artistic direction! I'm so glad to see that it's expanding globally. Design like this good needs to be shared with world-wide.



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