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New York The folks at New York magazine sent us a peek behind the scenes at their cover for the annual "Best of" issue:
For this week's "Best of New York" issue, New York magazine invited several designers, artists, and advertising creatives to submit ideas for the cover art.  We went with the design from Brooklyn-based street artist KAWS, a.k.a. Brian Donnelly, whose career has skyrocketed recently with exhibitions in Miami and New York last year and a just-opened solo show in Los Angeles (the line to get in reportedly stretched 700 yards down La Cienaga).  He designed Kanye West's latest album cover, which is currently installed on a Times Square billboard.
More from KAWS about the cover, and a few samples from the slideshow of other submissions after the jump...

KAWS says in the issue of his design: "As soon as I heard 'Best of New York,' I thought, Great--text--I'll bang it out. But it actually took me a long time. I always have a general idea of how I want the letters to look, but then they'll get their own personalities as I'm drawing them."
New York is printing 3,000 extra "Best of New York" covers for additional outdoor marketing around the city. KAWS' design will appear on both the subscriber and newsstand editions of the "Best of New York."

A few of the other submissions here, but check the slideshow online at for all of them!

From Evan Gaffney Design:


From Mother Design:


From Tom Brown Art + Design (TBA+D):


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  • Claibourn Hamilton

    NY Mag is one of my favorite titles and they never fail to keep me googoo-gaga over their amazing cover designs and art!


  • Amy Berkley

    I love them must have been hard to choose. The top one is more playful and fun (I want to snuggle up to it) but I do love Tom Brown's simple, graceful approach. Really wonderful!

  • Nikola Mileta

    OMG what beautiful covers

  • Mike Ley

    kaws is still unstopable. ORIGINALFAKE!

    is dan funderburgh part of mother or are they liking his work a little too much?

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