Those Krazy Kids at Esquire...

Those Krazy Kids at Esquire...

Are at it again. Video after the jump. 
  • Kayleigh Ryley

    Oooo this makes me want that magazine in my hands! I do hear that I am easily entertained often though. O well, thanks Esquire.

  • Grant Glas

    Obama, JT, and Clooney. No sports figure? Lebron? I guess he just got his mug on SI a couple months ago and that sweet piece on 60 minutes sunday.

    Did anyone notice the ad on the left? Welcome to earth... population zero? What is that for?

  • Shannon Wright

    What the hell is this? What a joke.

  • Josh Klenert

    Wow, that was great. Is it just me: if you squint Clooney's forehead + JT's nose + Obama's chin = The Governor of California? (look at :10)

  • Claibourn Hamilton

    I obviously have way too much time on hands, but what a great excuse to pick this new issue up at the stands. How fun & creative!


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