Catch SPOTS Fever

Catch SPOTS Fever Have you got SPOTS? We do.

"Spot" illustrations may be small in size, but they play an enormous role in the world of publication design. Measuring no more than 5 x 6 inches, a spot much catch readers' eyes, draw them into a story, and convey complex ideas--often while competing with other visual elements on the page. Every art director knows that sometimes, the most genius work you can do in a day is assigning just the right illustrator for just the right, possibly-impossible-to-describe assignment and getting back the perfect solution.

The Society of Publication Designers is the only organization to honor these hard-working little gems with its annual SPOTS Competition. Chaired this year by Matthew Lenning, Design Director at Bon Appétit, and Don Morris, Principal at Don Morris Design, SPOTS will be judged by a panel of leading publication art directors and commercial illustrators, and the winning entries will be featured in a special, self-contained book and sent to SPD members and winning illustrators for FREE, as well as featured in the PUB 44 Design Annual, and archived in a special gallery on this very site, linking to the winning illustrator's websites.

Click here for the entry forms and more info, including some FAQs and answers, and send in your best work by April 30th!

Huge thanks to Yuko Shimizu for the illustration on the Call, and above!

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