Design Awards: Educational/Institutional

Design Awards: Educational/Institutional Rounding out the Medal Finalists from the Educational/Institutional entries are the Design Medal Finalists: not surprisingly, quite a few covering hot issues in the education world! Probably not something most of us see with a lot of frequency, but getting some time in the spotlight after the jump...

090.jpgHHMI Bulletin
Design Director Michael Braley
Designer Jennifer Lee

Art Director Blake Dinsdale
Art Director Blake Dinsdale

Art Director Blake Dinsdale
Designer Blake Dinsdale


Art Director Gail Ghezzi

Photo Editors Monica Bradley, Gail Henry

700.jpgU of T Magazine
Creative Directors Claire Dawson, Fidel Peña
Designer Claire Dawson

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We'll be posting some of the Medal Finalists from PUB 44 each day up until the Gala on Friday, May 8th. If you want to join the party, get your RSVP on here -- it won't be the same without you!

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