Design Awards: Section, Series of Pages

Design Awards: Section, Series of Pages

More fabulous entries are here, from the Design family side of the Magazine Section tree, this time a collection of pages from each magazine, with entries from Blender, Esquire, GQ and W. More good stuff to come, including our Photo and Design Medal Finalists from the Trade/Corporate and Educational/Institutional selects next, so check back on us for a dose of good old-fashioned inspiration!

Finalists after the jump...


Creative Director Dirk Barnett

Art Directors Robert Vargas, Claudia De Almeida

Designers Robert Vargas, Alice Cho

Director of Photography David Carthas

Photo Editor Rory Walsh


Design Director David Curcurito

Art Director Darhil Crooks 

Associate Art Director Erin Jang
Design Assistant Soni Khatri

Director of Photography Michael Norseng

Photo Editor Alison Unterreiner


Design Director Fred Woodward

Art Director Anton Ioukhnovets

Designer Delgis Canahuate

Director of Photography Dora Somosi
Photo Editor Jesse Lee


Design Director Fred Woodward

Designer Thomas Alberty
Director of Photography Dora Somosi


Design Director Edward Leida

Art Director Nathalie Kirsheh

Designers Laura Konrad, Gina Maniscalco

Photo Editor Nadia Vellam

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We'll be posting some of the Medal Finalists from PUB 44 each day up until the Gala on Friday, May 8th. If you want to join the party, get your RSVP on here -- it won't be the same without you!

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