Illustration Awards: Information Graphics

Illustration Awards: Information Graphics

We've kind of got an illustration-love theme started this week, so we figured it was the perfect time to keep it going by bringing you some of the Medal Finalists in the Illustration categories, starting with Information Graphics.

Again, a group of magazines you don't necessarily read all during the same trip to the beach, let's say, but great work from each of them, each in completely different ways...


Design Director Robert Perino

Art Director Deanna Lowe

Designer Nai Lee Lum

Illustrator Catalog Tree

200.jpgGolf Digest
Design Director Ken DeLago
Designer Ken DeLago


Design Director Scott Stowell

Designer Ryan Thacker

Illustrator Serifcan Ozcan

202_rot.jpgPlay, The New York Times Sport Magazine

Creative Director Janet Froelich

Art Director Jeff Glendenning

Designer Dragos Lemnei

Illustrator +ISM


Creative Director Scott Dadich

Design Director Wyatt Mitchell

Art Directors Carl DeTorres, Maili Holiman

Designers Carl DeTorres, Maili Holiman, Victor Krumennacher, Walter C. Baumann, Scott Dadich

Illustrator Stephen Doyle

Photo Editor Carolyn Rauch

Photographer Zachary Zavislak

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We'll be posting some of the Medal Finalists from PUB 44 each day up until the Gala on Friday, May 8th. If you want to join the party, get your RSVP on here -- it won't be the same without you!

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