King A preview of some new work from King that just shipped to the printer, and a farewell:

As you may or may not have heard, after 8 years of publication and 51 issues, King magazine folded last week due to the economic climate. Sadly our June issue will be the last issue to hit newsstands. Between issues 50 and 51 our team worked on a complete re-design of the book to function better with a reduced budget and staff, while also freshening up the appearance of the magazine. Looking over this final issue has been incredibly bittersweet, it will be remembered as both one of the best issues in the King collection, as well as our final chapter.


King's staff includes:
Paul Scirecalabrisotto, Art Director
David Zamdmer, Associate Art Director
Chris Cristiano, Assistant Art Director

NEW WORK is a new recurring feature. We'll welcome anything that's gone to the printer recently, something you're especially proud of and think might be inspiring to the membership and readers of Grids. We'll note the credits and the publication and shine a little light on the latest and greatest in publication design. Please reduce your layouts to no larger than 1200 pixels wide and don't forget to include all relevant credits and a little background (if you feel like). Send your submissions to and we'll post them as we get them.

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  • Sally

    I love KING! I'm going to miss you!

  • Emily Smith

    I still can't believe that's Rudy Huxtable.

  • Kayleigh Ryley

    I really like the rap facts and style points spreads, I wish i could get my hands on some of this stuff hear in Bangalore!

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