Photography: Educational/Institutional

Photography: Educational/Institutional All magazines have a specific audience, a reader who comes to the publication expecting certain coverage, with a certain voice and look, something they come to identify as part of themselves; but for the magazines from the Educational/Institutional part of our great world, the reader has a very, very specific interest, and the magazine works to telescope information through the tightest of lenses: general interest is not a luxury to be had here.
And yet.
Each of these Medal Finalists for Photography in the Educational/Institutional group bring their alumni, or their socio-political group, or their unique professional members the finest of work, elevating not just their magazine, but their readers as well -- for who doesn't take pride in a job exceedingly well done on their behalf? Kudos for the work after the jump...

176.jpgIntelligence Report
Creative Director Russell Estes

Art Director Russell Estes

Designers Valerie Downes, Crystal Phillips, Scott Phillips

Photographer John Healey


Creative Director Charlene Benson

Design Director Roman Luba

Designer Lee Williams

Director of Photography Ann de Saussure Davidson

Photo Editor Denise Bosco

Photographer Nigel Cox

178.jpgStanford Magazine
Art Director Amy Shroads

Associate Art Director Carolyn Perot

Designer Carolyn Perot
Photographer Michael Sugrue

179A.jpg179B.jpgStanford Magazine
Art Director Amy Shroads

Designer Amy Shroads
Photographers Manuello Paganelli, Glenn Matsumura

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We'll be posting some of the Medal Finalists from PUB 44 each day up until the Gala on Friday, May 8th. If you want to join the party, get your RSVP on here -- it won't be the same without you!
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