Photography Awards: Trade/Corporate

Photography Awards: Trade/Corporate Everyone's got a challenging job, right? Not only are you trying to make information and content beautiful and engaging, even if the topic might seem, at first, a little less-than, but you're also pleasing editors, advertisers, publishers, focus groups... the list goes on and on. But even when the topics might seem less-than ideal (kids' clothing? golf clubs? band-aids?), today's Medal Finalists from the Photography section of the Trade/Corporate entries PROVE that brilliance happens every day, with every kind of budget, and every where. Magazines that some might write-off as inherently impossible to make "look good" look stunning here, and these Medal Finalists are raising the bar for everyone...

Creative Director Nancy Campbell

Art Director Trevett McCandliss

Designer Trevett McCandliss
Photographer Michael Brian

173A.jpgGolf Digest Index

Design Director Ken DeLago

Designer Marne Mayer

Photo Editor Ryan Cline

Photographer Art Streiber

175.jpg Golf Digest Index
Design Director Ken DeLago

Designer Tim Oliver

Photo Editor Ryan Cline
Photographer Massimo Gammacurta

174.jpgInterior Design
Creative Director Cindy Allen

Art Director Marino Zullich

Designers Zigeng Li Karla Lima, Giannina Macias

Photo Editor Helene Oberman
Photographer Eric Laignel

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We'll be posting some of the Medal Finalists from PUB 44 each day up until the Gala on Friday, May 8th. If you want to join the party, get your RSVP on here -- it won't be the same without you!
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