Redesign Awards

Redesign Awards In anticipation of the Gala coming up on Friday, May 8th, we're going to take the opportunity to devote a few posts over the next few weeks to the work of all the Medal Finalists who are in the running for Gold and Silver Medals that night, and to give everyone a chance to see what the judges all saw back in January: some truly great work from 2008.

First up, the Redesign category: truly eclectic. A music magazine, a food magazine, a travel magazine, a women's magazine, and an outdoors magazine that's over 100 years old. What do they all have in common though? Great design from each of these teams...


Creative Director Dirk Barnett

Art Directors Robert Vargas, Claudia De Almeida

Designers Dirk Barnett, Robert Vargas, Claudia De Almeida

Director of Photography David Carthas

Photo Editors Chris Ehrmann, Rory Walsh

Editor-In-Chief Joe Levy

205D.jpgBon Appétit

Design Director Matthew Lenning

Art Director Robert Festino

Designers Rebecca Loutsch, Tom Brown, Hank Huang

Photo Editors Liz Mathews, Sharon Suh, Bailey Franklin

Editor-In-Chief Barbara Fairchild

206D.jpgCulture + Travel
Creative Director Emily Crawford

Designer Emily Crawford
Director of Photography Cory Jacobs
Photo Editors Lisa Corson, Sabine Rogers

207D.jpgField & Stream
Art Director Neil Jamieson

Designers Mike Ley, Ian Brown
Director of Photography Amy Berkley
Associate Photo Editor Caitlin Peters
Editor-In-Chief Anthony Licata


Creative Director Florian Bachleda

Design Director Denise See

Designers Alicé Alves, Phoebe Flynn Rich, Lauren Kessinger,
Grace Martinez, Laura Strom

Director of Photography George Pitts

Photo Editors Jennifer Sargent, Christie Del Nero

Design Consultant Robert Newman

Editor-In-Chief Mimi Valdés Ryan

2008 saw a lot of books redesigning and entering PUB 44 for their effort -- at least three times the number of our typical redesign entries, making this award much, much more competitive. But Blender, Bon Appétit, Culture + Travel, Field & Stream, and Latina rose to the top, and now one of them will go home with the Gold Medal.

Up next: Illustration Awards, including Information Graphics and Photo-Illustration. Keep an eye on the site...

  • Andrei Michailov

    Is it true that Blender ceased the publication with the April, 2009 issue? How come? :-(

  • Nikola Mileta

    Great stuff. Field and Stream are fabulous. Bon Appetite looks very nice also.

    Looking forward to see the rest of the stuff that won some awards this year.

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