Annie Leibovitz Honored

Annie Leibovitz Honored

The highlight for me at last night's National Magazine Awards (aside from the good people of Automobile's acceptance speech which was freaking amazing) was ASME bestowing Annie Leibovitz with the Creative Excellence Award. A kind of Hall of Presidents graced the stage--Jann Wenner, Tina Brown, Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter--each to share their respect and gratitude for Annie's brilliance on the pages of their magazines.  


Jann recalled how he and Annie basically grew up together and wondered how they both survived those early, crazy Rolling Stone days. Tina talked about her addiction to the power of Annie's pictures and fondly reminisced about her famous Demi cover. Anna spoke sincerely about her wonderful collaboration with Annie which is often marked with arguments but always yields beautiful images. Graydon noted that he's spent half of his career working with Annie, a long and memorable partnership indeed. All acknowledged Annie's level of dedication and incredible devotion to her work. 

Then Annie joined them on stage for a brief but poignant acceptance.  She first said that Anna would be thrilled that she actually wore a dress for the evening and made a quip about the effort it must have taken to get these 4 to share a stage! Annie then went on to humbly accept the praise and acknowledge the masters who came before her, defined magazine photography and made this possible:  Steichen, Stieglitz, Cartier-Bresson and Avedon (upon who's mention Annie paused and was visibly moved) to name a few.

As an audience member it was truly an honor and inspiration to see these 5 magazine giants share the stage and highlight the power of photography when great minds collaborate and are frozen in time on the printed page.

  • Neil Jamieson

    Agreed, the National Magazine Awards was yet again a truly inspiring night all round. So awesome to see some of the underdogs win the big ones! I thought it was especially cool to see all the editors who accepted awards for Gen Ex give their respective art directors and creative departments the huge shout outs they well deserve! Go TJ Tucker, Matthew Bates, Scott Dadich the rest of the 2009 winners and their crews!!

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