Members' Choice Finalists!

Members' Choice Finalists!

Huge congrats to the variety of finalists in tomorrow night's Members' Choice Awards -- we're pleased (and a little surprised, we should admit -- ES) to say that there were more votes this year for Members' Choice than in previous years, even with our abbreviated voting period. An unbreakable tie gives us a total of SIX finalists, from some of the biggest (AARP the Magazine) to some of the smaller (The Village Voice) -- and yet, all really great work! Check after the jump for all the Members' Choice Finalists, and follow our twitter feed tomorrow night to find out who the winners are!

AARP_MEMBERSCHOICE_2_SPREADS-2.jpgAARP the Magazine, Andrzej Janerka, Design Director; for, "1968"

CookieMagazine.jpgCookie, Kirby Rodriguez, Design Director; for, "Sleepless"

DIVORCE.jpgDetails, Rockwell Harwood, Creative Director; for "Divorce"

Cover.jpgTexas Monthly, T.J. Tucker, Art Director; for "Willie Nelson"

single_page3.jpgThe Village Voice, Ivylise Simones, Art Director; for "Spring Arts Guide"

W, Nathalie Kirsheh, Art Director; for "Queen Anne"

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