Pub 44 Wrap-Up

Members and friends, a huge thank you for coming out Friday night to the Hammerstein Ballroom for Pub 44 Best in Show! Times may be tough, but you all showed up looking fabulous and ready to celebrate. Congratulations to all of the night's big winners -- check out the full list with the press release here, or the medal winners post over on our Competitions blog.

Stay tuned to this space for full coverage of the event, including pics, videos, and a complete list of the top dogs in every category. We'll be updating all week, including the complete galleries of all merit and medal recipients.

And if you have pictures or videos to share, please send them to and we'll get them up!

More soon...

Celebrating their win of the gold medal in Photography: Educational/Institutional for the photo story "Claire's Knee" in Proto, a publication of the Masachusetts General Hospital, are (left to right) Time Inc. Content Solution's Creative Director Charlene Benson, Director of Photography Ann deSaussure Davidson, and Senior Photo Editor Denise Bosco, who assigned the winning shoot. (Photo courtesy Don Eyles.)

F&S_Gala.jpgThe Field & Stream art department, from left, Mike Ley (associate A.D.) Amy Berkley (Director of Photography) and Neil Jamieson (Art Director). Cheers! (Photo courtesy Neil Jamieson)

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