Student Photo Competition Judges Talk

I asked our esteemed judges for their thoughts on our first annual student photo competition and here's what they had to say:

Denise Sfraga of This Old House reports, "After so many years as a photo editor and seeing hundreds of thousands of images, it was refreshing to see creative energy, emotional color, graphic sensibility and a youthful spirit in the students' photography submissions."

Freelance photo editor Freyda Tavin says, "The process of choosing only three winners from 277 diverse and creative images proved to be quite difficult. From gleaming landscapes to a postmortem still life these photographs were truly imaginative.  The students' unique interpretations of this year's theme, Land, Sea and Air, and their willingness to take risks to create art were hopeful signs for the future of photography."

Leslie de la Vega of Time adds, "Judging a competition is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a photo editor. Judging student competitions is even better. You get to see the future of photography. I was even more enthusiastic about the images that thought outside the 'box'. It was wonderful to witness the emergence of new, raw talent."

Finally, Fortune's Alice Alves, who helped put the competition together, said, "It was very exciting to see the number of entries going up and realizing that students want to participate, want to have their work be seen. It is always inspiring when our youth is interested, when they have something to say."

As for me, I'm thrilled that people entered, and we'll get the word out to more institutions the next time around now that we've seen there's an interest in this type of competition. And a side note to the winners--we'll get your prizes out to you soon, though we'd like to know how you'd feel about sharing some of those great photo books with us...
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