The New Yorker Meets the iPhone

The New Yorker Meets the iPhone In a twist on the debate about bringing magazines into the digital world, The New Yorker features a cover this week from Jorge Colombo created entirely on the artist's iPhone with the brushes app. More background over at The New Yorker's site, and step-by-step video of the cover's creation after the jump...

  • Mark Kaufman

    After seeing the iPhone art from Jorge, I did some research on the history of digital + computer art. My armchair curiosity found an awful lot of interesting technological breakthroughs, scientists, mathemeticians, engineers, artists and images dating back 50+ years.

    I am particularly taken with the gorgeous oscilloscope images of Ben Laposky from the early 1950's. Just plain beautiful. See some images here:

    The coolest thing about The New Yorker cover is that what used to take a roomful of Univac supercomputers can be done with something that fits in your shirt pocket.

  • Christian Jensen

    Just...amazing. I love seeing what people do with new technology, exploring its "boundaries" and then breaking them wide open.

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